Who Does Party Rentals Hamilton Serve?
Party Rentals Hamilton has served the GTA with premium services since
Are There Special Packages?
Instead of bundling games into packages, we give you the freedom to
choose as many games as you like. We give a 5% discount for every
$100 you spend, and we all also give you a $50 Gift Card to Alcatraz
Escape Rooms for every $100 you spend!
Why Party Rentals Hamilton?
We strive to give you the best possible service. Our games are top
quality and they’re fun! We also know how to make it possible for you
to earn more money.
Is There a Deposit Required?
Yes. There is a deposit of $200 that will be collected at the time of the
pick-up. It is a refundable deposit, unless games are not returned or
they are broken.
Should I Bring Help At The Time Of Pick-Up?
It is a good idea to bring an extra person to help load up the games.
Some of them are large and will require 2 people to carry. Make sure
the vehicle is large enough for the games to fit.